Career Expo Follow Up Steps

Now that the Career Expo is over, there are some critical follow up steps to make the most out of your Expo experience:

1.  Do what the recruiters say to do!  This likely includes submitting your application and resume online via their corporate website.  Most all companies require applicants to apply online to ensure regulatory compliance and proper inclusion in their applicant tracking system (ATS).   A recruiter you met in person will likely follow up with their ATS to find your resume.  Don’t disappoint them; follow instructions!

2.  Check UTD CareerWorks for corresponding job postings, employer information sessions, and/or on-campus interview schedules.  Attending an on-campus employer information session is another great way to show your interest in the company and provides a face-to-face  networking opportunity.  Check this blog and the Career Center website for a list of information sessions.

3.  If you have a way to contact individual recruiters you met at the Expo, take the time to send a thank you note.  While an email will suffice, a personal handwritten note is a better way to break through the clutter and demonstrates relationship building.

Career Expo Follow Up Steps