Have you updated your UTD CareerWorks profile lately?

Did you know that employers frequently search for job and internship candidates in UTD CareerWorks?  How do they do it and how can you be a part of it?

Employers can search through resumes of students who have selected “yes” to “Allow Employers to View My Resume.”   So, step one: you need to make sure you have turned this feature on!  Additionally, your resume must be kept up-to-date each semester.  You don’t want these employers to find an old version!

Next, within your profile setting in “My Account,” you have several attributes to maintain:

  • GPA
    • You must update your GPA every semester; employers can search for students with a minimum GPA.  You don’t want to be left out here, especially when you have increased your GPA!
  • Major
    • If you’ve changed your major, you must edit this in UTD CareerWorks.  For example, general business is different than accounting and will result in different job opportunities.
  • Graduation Date
    • You must have an accurate graduation date; this could affect your eligibility for the internship program, and companies can screen on certain graduation dates.  It would be terrible to be left out of an employer’s candidate list because of an incorrect graduation date.

Log in to your UTD CareerWorks profile today and make sure it is fresh and up-to-date.  And if you don’t have an account, it goes without saying: CREATE ONE!

Have you updated your UTD CareerWorks profile lately?