Building Value on The Job

  • Establish yourself as a source for valuable information and contacts across your company.  You will create valuable control over your job situation.
  • Increase your leverage by developing job skills valued at other companies.
  • Take advantage of all trade shows and company or partner training to build skills and expand your network.
  • Keep a file of your accomplishments, including letters or emails from managers or others documenting your good work.
  • Get exposure to senior management.  Be known as a contributor.
  • Become known as a company spokesperson outside of the office.  It is harder for a company to let go of someone the community knows as a company spokesperson.
  • Build toward promotion.  Demonstrate you can do the work one job level above your own.
  • Associate with positive people.  They will be the leaders.
  • Understand office politics.  Align with the true power in the company, but never be a backstabber.  Guard and maintain your integrity.

Source:  “Rapid Guide to Job Hunting.”  Printed booklets available in the Career Center.

Building Value on The Job