Get Social over the Holidays: Facebook

Yes, you can be professional using Facebook!  Recruiters are using this as a sourcing tool.  Many people have already been hired from Facebook!

It is important to give your Facebook profile a professional face-lift to make it ready for the job search.  Part of the job search is being findable by recruiters who would like to review your credentials.

  • Use keywords to tell recruiters what your skills are.
  • Understand the privacy settings to make sure that private things stay private.  It is a good idea though to make your professional email address and websites publicly visible.  Make your Info tab visible, and hide the rest.
  • To allow recruiters to find you, set all of these to “public”:  search for me, send me a message, and see my education and work.
  • Use the same user name as LinkedIn to keep things consistent.
  • Keep your main profile picture professional (you can use the same one as LinkedIn).

You can also find recruiters through company “fan pages.”  The savvy job seeker will “like” these pages and add intelligent comments to posts.  Also, keep an eye out for job leads and postings on these pages.

Content credit:   Gail Houston, Social Media Program Manager and Sourcer at Intuit

Get Social over the Holidays: Facebook