Get Social over the Holidays: Twitter

Can you really find a job and be recruited in just 140 characters?  The answer is YES!  Twitter has become another giant of social media job-search tools.  Follow companies, recruiters, and professionals in your field.  In turn, you should regularly provide content and share articles and links regarding your industry.

What to include on your Twitter profile:

  • Visible email (same email used for LinkedIn and Facebook; people search via email addresses)
  • Professional picture or icon (if you do not want to use a personal picture, select an icon that best represents you)
  • Full name
  • Website
  • Biography with key words

To be found (and to find others to follow), register yourself in Twitter directories like

Use an APPROPRIATE user name or you may be immediately and automatically blocked on Twitter.

Content credit:   Gail Houston, Social Media Program Manager and Sourcer at Intuit

Get Social over the Holidays: Twitter