Your two-minute introduction aka “Elevator Pitch”

The unexamined life is not worth living.   -Socrates

To recruiters, the unprepared job seeker is not worth hiring!

As Career Expo season and on-campus recruiting is upon us, you should give your elevator pitch to any recruiters, interviewers, professionals, faculty members, friends – anyone you meet so they know you are looking for a job!

You should have a 1- or 2-minute presentation you can give to anyone who asks about you, your goals, strengths, accomplishments and what job you are seeking.  Prepare answers to the following questions so you are ready and not caught off guard.

  • Describe who you are: include educational background and relevant work history
  • Describe your strengths
  • Describe your short and long term professional goals
  • Describe the position you want or the type you would like when you can’t be specific
  • Describe the company’s needs and expectations  (this shows you did your research)
  • Describe why you are qualified to do the job

A Tip:  Practice!  Stand in front of a mirror and practice your sales presentation.  Remember, you are the product you are trying to sell…no one can do it better than you, if you are prepared!!

Your two-minute introduction aka “Elevator Pitch”