Networking Tips

It is no secret that networking is the #1 way to find a job and get business.  People like to “do business with”  1) those they know and 2) those they like!

Here are some basic tips to remember when attending networking functions:

1.  Smile!

2.  Talk about what you enjoy and find out what they enjoy.

3.  Listen.

4.  It’s all about THEM.

5.  Look the best you can.

6.  Give and expect nothing.

7.  Address their needs through your network (who do you know that you can connect them with?).

8.  If you promise you are going to do something (like follow up with an email), do it.

9.  Only give a business card (yes, students can create business cards!) if asked for.

10.  Follow up.

11.  Arrive 15 minutes early.

12.  If you are shy… go to the networking event anyways.

13.  Take a wingman if you need extra help meeting people.

14.  Have fun!

Networking Tips