Top Employers for the Class of 2011

Employers in accounting services and engineering services offered the most jobs to the members of the Class of 2011 at colleges and universities that responded to NACE’s Summer 2011 Salary Survey. (Note: The summer report will be available in early July.) This remains constant from results of the Spring 2011 Salary Survey, which were reported in April.  

Rounding out the current top five “top employers” for 2010-11 bachelor’s degree graduates were those in consulting services, retail/wholesale trade, and financial services. When compared to the top-five list from the spring survey, there has been some movement. Consulting services employers have moved past those in retail/wholesale trade into the third spot, while investment banking has dropped out of the top five, making room for financial services.  

In terms of highest average starting salary offers among the “top employers,” those in petroleum and coal products ($74,846) and investment banking ($62,821) topped the current list, just as they did in the spring report.

Top Employers for 2010-11 Bachelor’s Degree Graduates 

Employer Type 

Average Salary Offer 

Accounting Services


Engineering Services


Consulting Services


Retail/Wholesale Trade 


Financial Services


Petroleum & Coal Products


Banking (Investment)


Educational Services


Government (Federal)


Computer Systems Design/Consulting/Programming


Source: NACE Summer 2011 Salary Survey. All data are for bachelor’s degree candidates.

Top Employers for the Class of 2011