Networking Success Part 1: Conversation Basics

It is just about networking season again (well, really, it happens year round!).  The flurry of campus recruiting activity will begin again next month.  Here are some tips to help you with conversations while networking.  Remember, most jobs happen because of a networking relationship!  Tomorrow we’ll feature tips about mixing and mingling.

How to Answer “What Do You Do?”:

  • State your background: your degree, your professional interests
  • State what you do and what you’d like to do and why
  • State who you’d like to do it for: a corporation, a non-profit, a government agency
  • State your plan of action to achieve your goals

Conversation Starters:

  • “How did you get into your current job?”
  • “Where are you from?”
  • “Where did you go to college?”
  • “What type of things do you do in the community?”
  • “What are your hobbies?”
  • “Have you heard about the XYZ Association?” (choose an association in your field of interest)
  • “Who else do you know here at this meeting?”
  • “Did you hear about XYZ on the news?” (choose a current topic in your field of interest)
  • “What area of town do you live in?”
  • “Do you have your Master’s as well as your Bachelor’s?”
Networking Success Part 1: Conversation Basics