CareerWorks: Why you need an up-to-date account today!

CareerWorks is the online recruiting system for UT Dallas students, alumni, and the employers looking to hire you!  We post many full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships in this system daily.  Trust us, it works and is a very active site!

Employers are constantly reaching out to us (and more so every day because of our great reputation!) looking to hire you.  Typically, their first order of business is to get a job posting listed in CareerWorks.  Next, they oftentimes request resumes of qualified candidates.  Do you have an updated “default” resume in your account?  Have you answered “Yes” to this statement: Allow Employers to View My Resume?  If so, you will be included in those resume searches. 

Lastly, we explain to employers what other types of recruiting activities they can participate in such as attending career expos, holding information sessions, speaking on employer panels or at networking events, and conducting on-campus interviews.  We highly recommend these activities, but an employer might not have the capability to do all of this.   The point is: a great job or internship opportunity might still be out there for you in the form of a job posting or resume referral via CareerWorks!

We believe that students can find jobs in CareerWorks; we hear about it all the time!  To make it successful for students and employers (and so that employers keep posting with us), we need our students and alumni to have active accounts.  If you ever need assistance with CareerWorks, please contact us at 972.883.2943 or on the 3rd floor of the Student Services Building.

Good Luck!

CareerWorks: Why you need an up-to-date account today!