Ask Us Anything Chat Recap

Did you miss our Ask Us Anything chat this week? Check our the highlights!

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Q: How can I prepare for an interview?

A: Research the company to learn about their products, policies, mission, etc. Prepare answers for common Q’s. Schedule a mock interview with the Career Center for more practice!


Q: How do I find networking events for my industry?

A: Start with professional organizations who host events for networking often-google your industry to find local organization.  Use organize what area career/networking groups are doing. Also Dallas Business Journal.


Q: What are some tips for using my Twitter for networking and job search?

A: Target and follow companies that you are interested in. Then you will be up to date on company updates and job posts. Follow industry professionals and blogs. Post thoughtful and insightful comments to help you get noticed.


Q: I work all day and can’t get to to Career Center. How can I practice interviewing?

A: Use Perfect Interview (online mock interview tool) from the Career Center website. You can have a trusted friend ask you common questions like ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’ or ‘Why should I hire you?’


Q: Which social media networks should I use for the job hunt?

A: The main social media network you should use is LinkedIn. It is much easier to keep this network professional. And most of the people and information you find through LinkedIn is for professional purposes. You may use others such as Facebook and Twitter but you must make sure that the information and image you are displaying is a very professional one.


Q: Should I prepare a different cover letter for each job I apply to or can I recycle the same one?

A: Your cover letter should be targeted to the employer’s job posting. You can have a standard cover letter but you should briefly emphasize how your skills and qualifications match to that specific posting.


Q: Interviews: What is your favorite question to ask the person conducting an interview?

A: A great question to ask is “What should I do to prepare for my first day?”


Q: I have a doubt regarding my resume. Do i need to include an objective statement in my resume?

A: It is not required to include an objective statement, but it sometimes assists recruiters to better identify your interests and skills and how they match the company. Tailor it to the specific job or industry you are interested in.

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Ask Us Anything Chat Recap

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