Student Spotlight: Yumna Moazzam

Meet Yumna! She is a recent UT Dallas graduate who studied Global Business and Marketing. She landed a full time job as a Product Sales Specialist at Breeze Software.

Yumna Moazzam

Q: Tell us about your job as a Product Sales Specialist.

A: I maintain software product line customer base, and lead sales efforts for BREEZE products and services to industry and government to achieve and/or exceed annual sales targets and increase market share, and provide sales support to the software sales organization.

I also develop and initiate a marketing campaign to increase leads through social media, and SEO, among other resources.

Q: How did you find out about this opportunity?

A: Through the UT Dallas Career Works (now called CometCareers) Website.

Q: What was the interview process like?

A: There was an initial phone screening followed by a call for an interview. The interview was conducted by the head of the department along with three employees from his respective department. The interview lasted more than two hours.

Q: What is the best part about your job?

A: The marketing part of the job. The job is more oriented towards customer service, sales and support which I definitely enjoy. At the same time, there is so much in Marketing that is left to do. Marketing emails, social media, search engine optimization are all important venues that we still have to explore. I am really excited about the potential we have to reach out to clients through these mediums.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? Did this experience confirm your career goal, or have you changed your mind?

A: Being employed for only a month, my career goals remain the same. I would like to pursue a career in marketing and sales. There is a lot of things to learn and I think everyone starts at the bottom and work their way up. Till then, the thing that matters most is your willingness to work hard and not let go of the big picture. Hopefully, in the future I would like to continue my studies and enroll in a master’s program for either market research or international business management.

Q: What advice do you have for other job seekers?


  • Follow up is extremely important. Ask for their business cards towards the end of the interview and send all the interviewers a customized email and ask to connect with them on LinkedIn within a few hours of the interview. Send a thank you email to the recruiter after the initial screening as well. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the next steps if the interviewer doesn’t mention it.
  • Bring extra copies of your resume, something to take notes on and arrive early at least 15 minutes. Dress professionally and conservatively to be safe.
  • Research the company and the interviewers. If you don’t know who will be interviewing you, ask the initial Recruiter who did your phone interview and is scheduling the in person interview with you and the company. For instance, my position was for Product Sales, therefore, I looked through their social media outlets, and marketing initiatives and campaigns; I compared it to their competitors, and thought of a few questions and suggestions to improve and provided them during the interview. I researched the head of the department and found that he also teaches at SMU and I inquired about his teaching during the interview. He was very pleased and we talked about that for 15 minutes.

Q: Any other comments to share?

A: FOLLOW UP – to show you are interested!!  Be confident in your skills and prepare good questions for the interviewer. Align the questions and answers to the job description and the company’s culture.

Utilize UTD’s career center and career professionals. They are extremely helpful and have a ton of experience and wealth of knowledge, just waiting to be shared.  Lauren Nise, the career coach, assisted me during my job search and she provided me with a great number of resources that were extremely beneficial. She also prepped me for interviews, helped me find different search engines to look for job openings, helped me research the companies, and so much more. The biggest of all, she always believed in me. Job seeking is extremely tiresome and drains a lot of energy but whenever I would go see her she actually got me excited and I would feel much better each and every time.

Student Spotlight: Yumna Moazzam

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