Register For Mock Interview Day!

Mock Interview Day is a program hosted by the Career Center to allow undergraduate students to practice interview skills with industry representatives. By signing up for a “mock interview”, you will have the opportunity to meet with an employer for 30 minutes. The employers will ask general interview questions and coach you on your responses. The employer representatives are from a variety of companies and industries, but any representative will be able to give you advice on general interviewing skills.

It will be held Wednesday, March 26, 2014. All interviews will take place in the Career Center Interview Rooms in SSB 3.300.

It will be based on a first come, first serve basis, so register through your CometCareers account using the On-Campus Interview menu. STEM majors should sign up on schedule ID 1647 and Non-Stem majors should sign up on schedule ID 1706.

Professional interview attire required. If you have questions about what to wear to an interview, go to: or contact the Career Center at 972-883-2943 for more information. 

Bring a critiqued resume. Please click on this link for resume critique options:

2013 CareerCenterMockinterview2

Register For Mock Interview Day!

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