Explore the WOW Student Spotlight: Kassiopia Jackson’s Externship at the Old Red Museum

This post was written by UT Dallas student Kassiopia Jackson. Kassiopia is a senior studying Emerging Media and Communication.

Externing at the Old Red Museum was the first step in realizing a childhood dream of mine. I was enamored with what my Dad and sister called the, “Cooky Castle” since I could talk. I could hardly believe I would not only be going in but I would be working there.

Dart Pic 1

It was an amazing sight to be had. This building, which had been standing since the 1800s, was shaped like a castle around modern city structures. As I stepped in I was greeted by a gentleman at the front desk. Within minutes I met my boss for the week, Casey Eubanks. She gave me a tour of the Old Red Museum so I could familiarize myself with the building.

The museum is a lot bigger on the inside. There were three floors. The first two floors were usually for exhibits and the third is reserved for weddings. This is important to the Old Red Museum as they typically get referred to in DWedding as one of the great places to get married in DFW.

After the tour, Casey got me right to work. My first task was to assist in a mailing list to invite Old Red partners to attend a jazz event which is to happen in June. We combed through over 3000 names double checking for correct addresses and correct spelling of names.

Dart 2

Once that was over we had another undertaking. We had to prepare to label and mail all 3000+ individuals. I learned from Casey when you are a nonprofit, it is more cost effective to do everything in-house to save money. Though it was an arduous task, it was well worth the effort.

After we finally organized our mailing list, I was tasked to search for media kits from various TV and print sources. This was my favorite task because of the amount of research involved. Once the task was completed, I was shocked to see how many different cities actually had their own newspapers and TV stations. It was good to be able to see so many different newspapers which dealt with different communities.

Externing at the Old Red Museum was an amazing experience. I learned what it was like to work with a nonprofit and I learned the less beautiful side to marketing which is beneficial considering entry-level tasks consist of several hours of tedious details. This was an amazing experience I am glad to have had. I am so thankful the Career Center had this opportunity available.

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Explore the WOW Student Spotlight: Kassiopia Jackson’s Externship at the Old Red Museum

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